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Teach Nottingham

Teach Nottingham

Nottingham is committed to attracting the very best teachers to educate our children, ensuring our teachers enjoy their career and have the opportunity to maximise their potential. Explore this website and see what Nottingham has to offer, routes into teaching and school based job vacancies in Nottingham.

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Explore what our great City has to offer. We love Nottingham: You will too.

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The Guardian: Nottingham is one of the happiest places to work

The Sunday Times hailed Nottingham as one of their ‘Best Cities’.

We love Nottingham. You will too.

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Teaching Assistants in Nottingham

What is a Teaching Assistants (TA)?  What can a TA career in Nottingham look like?

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Nottingham City Education Vacancies

See all School based vacancies in Nottingham City.

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Fair Workload Charter

Nottingham’s Pioneering Charter tackling a national issue at a local level- the first in the Country.

When you see our logo, you can expect a fair workload, fair pay, fair opportunity.

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Info for Schools and Teachers

Up-to-date helpful news and information for Schools.

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Train to Teach in

Whatever your circumstances, there are now more ways to enter the teaching profession in Nottingham than ever before.

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