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NEW!! School Workload Conference – 23 May 2017

A UK First- This Pioneering Charter shows Teachers they can expect a Fair Workload.

The first of its kind, the Fair Workload Charter has been launched by Nottingham City Education Improvement Board (EIB) to reduce pressure on Teachers in the City, in response to a growing shortage of teachers.

If you see a job advert with the Fair Workload Logo, that School has signed up to the Charter. This means that you can expect:

  • a fair and reasonable workload
  • high-quality training and professional development opportunities that meet the needs of individual members of staff
  • a pay and rewards package at least that of the national agreement for teachers, and the Local Authority pay scale for support staff.

The Fair Workload Charter sets out what teachers and other staff can expect from the schools that sign up to participate. This includes adopting schemes such as the ‘five-minute lesson plan’ model and the marking policy clarifying what will and won’t be marked. Schools should also ensure teachers get access to Continuous Professional Development and that Teaching Assistants are supported to progress to Qualified Teacher Status where they choose to do so.

Ofsted have confirmed that the measures contained in the Charter can be consistent with a good and better quality of teaching.

To see the Charter in full, click here.