July 2018 – Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy: Summer Term Roadshows

‘Colleagues might like to know there is a DfE retainment recruitment strategy event in Nottingham Thursday 5th July’ We are holding a series of roadshows across the country to seek teachers’ views on how to improve teacher recruitment and retention. These views will feed into the teacher recruitment and retention strategy which the SoS announced in March. The strategy will set out the next steps the Department and others in the sector need to take to improve teacher recruitment and retention and ensure teaching remains an attractive profession. These events are an opportunity to ensure all the different people and organisations that have a role to play in teacher recruitment and retention can work together and make a genuine contribution to the development of the department’s work. We want to share with teachers across the country some of the things we’ve learnt, learn what’s worked and what hasn’t, and hear from you what should be done to improve teacher recruitment and retention. In particular, we want to find out more about: • what attracted you into the profession • why teachers are leaving the profession and what can we do about it • if you previously considered leaving the profession, what prevented you • the recruitment and retention challenges you have experienced • what your school and/or Trust is doing to tackle some of these issues • the things that you know work, and • your ideas for other solutions we should consider. The events will include workshops and discussions, and aim to provide teachers with an opportunity to help shape the Department’s policy development. In particular, we are keen to hear your views on areas including professional development, flexible working and entry routes into teaching and how they can be improved. In the East Midlands and Humber region we are holding two roadshows: Thursday 5th July 1630 – 1830 at George Spencer Academy in Nottingham. Please accept our apologies for the short notice for these events, but as the SoS is keen for us to engage with as many as teachers as possible we would be grateful if you would promote these roadshows to teachers in schools across your networks. 2 Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy: Case Studies Requested The Department’s ITT marketing team are seeking trainee case studies who are willing to support a planned marketing campaign. Ideally case studies would have an interesting back story e.g. a career changer who has left a different profession to train to teach in order to ‘give back’ to the community. Please could case studies be returned directly to me as soon as possible and ideally using the template attached. Alternatively, and as case studies are being sought as quickly as possible, you can send names and contact details directly to Laura Lane at Laura.LANE@education.gov.uk so that the ITT marketing team can follow up individually. The deadline for us to receive these by is Wednesday 11 July.